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My name is Tod Nicol, I am a independent Video Producer and Historian and I am carrying out a research project called ‘Outposts of Empire’ and I am appealing for any former members of the RAF who served overseas and would be willing to be interviewed for this project.


The object of this project is to record and document a largely overlooked part of our British Heritage through the memories of RAF personnel both men and women who served in all ranks and their families.


The interviews span from before the Second World War, through the Cold War up to recent times, they are a unique record of life in distant parts of the shrinking British Empire and its territories such as Singapore, Iraq, India, Malaya, Malta, Hong Kong and many other parts of the globe.


The Outposts of Empire archive was established in early 2015 and is growing fast; it is now approaching 100 hours of interviews from over 50 contributors; veterans who served in all corners of the globe:  Habbaniya (Iraq), Seletar, Changi, Tengah, Malta, Hong Kong, Masirah and Gan.


The intention is to record further first-hand recollections with people who were stationed, far from home, but lived in a very British environment and record their recollections now, before those who in lived in this unique tradition disappear along with their memories and experiences, for ever!


My experience in this field is well proven having worked in film and television for over thirty five years and closely with the Imperial War Museum Duxford over the past 15 years, producing videos and DVDs as well as recording over 350 hours of video interviews with veterans of Royal Air Force Duxford as well as other RAF, United States Army Air Force units and civil airlines.