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Tod Nicol, producer and originator of the Outposts of Empire Project:


My experience in this field is well proven having worked in film and television for over thirty five years and closely with the Imperial War Museum Duxford over the past 15 years, producing videos and DVDs as well as recording over 350 hours of video interviews with veterans of Royal Air Force Duxford as well as other RAF, United States Army Air Force units and civil airlines.



The RAF and Fleet Air Arm Veterans’ associations and communities I have made contact with about Outposts of Empire over the past year are from Malta, Singapore, Iraq and Malaya as well as individuals who served in Borneo, Hong Kong, africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand I am pleased to say I have had an exceedingly encouraging response from them all.



Charles White, RAF Seletar Association:  I am pleased that we can give some assistance to your project on which the Committee of the RAFSA [including Tengah] view as being an important step in preserving the heritage of Seletar and other RAF bases in the Far & Middle East.



Christopher Morris, Honorary Secretary, RAF Habbaniya Association:  Tod, Thank you for

contacting me. A very worthwhile project indeed.



Brian Lloyd, RAF Changi Association:  Good to talk today and best wishes with your ideas.



David Rose, RAF Luqa (Malta) Remembered: Thank you for the information. It's all quite exciting.


Wing Commander Brian Crook: Thanks, Tod, for gathering together all these interviews about the history of our Empire in the 20th century, from those who lived it; a valuable resource indeed.