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"Marching Out", Kay and the RAF: USB Stick


Kay Malone joined the RAF in 1967 she completed her training and passed out as a Teleprinter Operator and served in the Communications Centres on RAF  airfields within the United Kingdom.

In 1968 She met Raymond, a Corporal in the photographic section at RAF  Wyton, responsible for processing films taken by the Canberra Photographic  Recognisance (PR) aircraft.  

Shortly after meeting Ray, he received his posting to RAF Seletar in Singapore  leaving them with a dilemma, as the chance of both of them being posted to  the Far-East were highly unlikely in the 1960s RAF.  

In this 59 minute film Kay’s unique story is revealed by her, in interview, with commentary on the history and military significance of  the RAF Stations she lived in, illustrated with archive film from the World famous Imperial War Museum Archives,  Kays family photographs and images from the Outposts  of Empire collection.  

Having given birth to, brought up, and educated their son and daughter on RAF Stations in Singapore, Germany and Malta, not to mention numerous postings in Great Britain, Kay and Ray separated and she came home alone to start a new life with her children here in the UK.  

Kay’s story is a fascinating first-hand account of life for an RAF family, over  10 years at the height of the Cold War, it is just one of many being recorded  for the Outposts of Empire Archive; the interviews and the documentaries  being produced from these recordings will allow future generations to  understand how very different life was for the families of the British Armed  Forces serving abroad, and how foreign postings have been changed beyond  all recognition with the introduction of long range, civil and military aircraft.  

For those of older generations, the Outposts of Empire documentaries will  stand as a reminder, to them, and us, of the service they gave to their country  and the unique life that they enjoyed, or endured, in the former Outposts of  Empire.

Picture format PAL 16:9.  HD MPEG 1920 x 1080.  Audio Content: Stereo.  Running time 105 minutes approx. (main programme).   E Exempt from classification

Produced and directed by Tod Nicol