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The Story of the RAF on Malta 1917-1979

RAF Malta was the first documentary being produced by Tod Nicol as part of the ’Outposts of Empire’ Project.

This 90 minute programme tells the story of the RAF on Malta from its humble beginnings at Royal Naval Air Station at Kalafrana during the First World War, to its final days at RAF Luqa, prior to the British withdrawal.  

Through interviews with veterans and historians we hear how the Island became an Outpost of Empire during the Napoleonic Wars and the Head Quarters of the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean fleet.

How the people of Malta and the Allied service men and women suffered, and eventually survived, through two and a half years of Italian and German Bombardment in the Second Siege of Malta.  

The Second World War is shown in archive film and images from the World famous Imperial War Museum Archives, Malta National Archives, Bay Retro picture library and many other sources, illustrating the memories of veterans who served on and flew from, Malta, as well as those who ran the gauntlet in the ‘Santa Maria’ and many other convoys to resupply ‘Fortress  Malta’ and deliver the Spitfires that saved her people and earned them the George Cross.  

The Cold War is recalled by the men who flew and supported NATO anti-submarine patrols in Shackleton, Canberra and Nimrod aircraft tracking down Soviet shipping and peering over the Iron Curtain to photograph activities in Russian controlled territories, the Gulf and Middle East.  

The final months are also remembered with sadness as the British finally withdrew after 160 years to become an independent country and a thriving member the European Community.  

Picture format PAL 16:9.  Region Code 0.  Audio Content: Stereo.  Running time 105 minutes approx. (main programme).   E Exempt from classification

Produced and directed by Tod Nicol