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This 105 minute programme reveals the story of the Kingdom of Iraq and the part the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force played in forming and maintaining peace in the new country from 1915 to the final bloody end of the Hashemite Monarchy in 1958.


The story of RAF Habbaniya is revealed through interviews with veterans and historians, illustrated with archive film from the vaults of the RAF Museum

that has never been seen publicly, depicting the construction of the Station and daily life, on and off duty, during the fragile peace of the 1930s. British Pathé Newsreels and 1940s film from the World famous Imperial War Museum Archives depict the second World War years and unique 1950’s Colour film and

photographs from the RAF Habbaniya Association‘s collection show the station in its final years.


What people are saying about the film:  “Tod, You are a contemporary historian, using modern technology to ensure the true history of the past century is not lost; future generations will bless you, as do I...Wing Commander Brian Crook.


“Tod, I viewed the Habbaniya film this evening and found it incredibly fascinating. The information is amazing and I learned an awful lot”.  “The incidents that the Iraqi RAF stations were involved in was a revelation to me and the whole thing interested me immensely”.  David Rose RAF LUQA (Malta) REMEMBERED and RAF MASIRAH (Oman) REMEMBERED.


RAF Habbaniya is one of the very best historical repositories of amazing insights of our Royal Air Force in days gone by. I can absolutely recommend Tod’s latest DVD without hesitation.  From the fabulous music, to the in-depth study within all the parts, along with an A4 print-out map of the station.  Two hours of superb detail.   It is worth every penny.  WELL DONE Tod.  Captain Bryn Wayt 203 Squadron Forum.


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The first documentary  ‘OUTPOSTS OF EMPIRE, RAF MALTA’ released earlier this year is still available, this 90 minute programme tells the story; through interviews, commentary, archive film and photographs, of the RAF on Malta from its humble beginnings at Royal Naval Air Station at Kalafrana in 1917, to its final days at RAF Luqa in 1979.


What the press say: Aeroplane Monthly – May 2017: “Producer Tod Nicol ambitiously aims to document the RAF’s presence on Malta“. “Dreamy footage follows of aircraft carriers, Southampton Flying Boats, Shackletons, PR Canberras and the unmistakable features of Valetta harbour”. “The serious history of the RAF on the island is then related over 90 minutes, accompanied by archive film. The story is well told by voiceover and the recollections of veterans who served on or flew from Malta”. “Entertaining viewing”.


Royal Air Force News 19 May 2017: “Many with an association with the Royal Air Force will be interested in viewing RAF Malta the first of a  collection of DVD’s in the Outposts of Empire Series”. “RAF Malta begins by telling viewers the strategic importance of the tiny rock in the Mediterranean.  The story of the RAF in Malta is then told by those who know it best, those airmen and women who were there – as well as through archive film footage”.


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