Important update for September 2020:


It is with great regret that I have had to postpone any further work on the Outposts of Empire Project, as I'm sure you are more than aware traveling round the country and interviewing people during the current Covet 19 situation is just not possible.


The other major factor is that the amount of revenue that can be recovered from selling the documentaries through DVDs, memory sticks and even through broadcast on YouTube and Netflix is simply not sufficient to recover the costs of the archive film and production cost involved in making feature length films such as I had hoped to carry on producing.


I shall continue to look for other ways to continue with the Outposts of Empire Project but until the current situation changes, I have decided to postpone any further work on the Project.


For the time being DVDs and memory sticks will be available on the Outposts of Empire website and you can watch the films in HD on YouTube by searching "Royal Air Force Luqa Malta - Outposts of Empire" or "Royal Air Force Royal Air Force Habbaniya IRAQ - Jewel of the Desert".


I am very sorry, to those contributed so much to the research and the interviews for the project, I hope you will not be too disappointed.


Thank you for your support and contributions over the past few years and all the best for the future.


Tod Nicol.


Website films:


VE-Day 75th Anniversary tribute; RAF Oakington, Cambridgeshire.  A short video telling the history in archive film, interview and narration telling the history of the 2,000 men and women of Bomber Command who served at Oakington. This famous airfield housed No 7 and 571 Pathfinder Squadrons who fought and, sadly, often died, in the night sky over Europe flying Blenheim, Stirling, Mosquito and Lancaster bombers so that we can live our lives in freedom today.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission restoration of RAF Habbaniya cemetery:  I am very pleased to be able, by kind permission of the CWGC, to include on this website a video featuring photographs from the CWGC showing their incredible work at Habbaniya to renovate the cemetery and replace the headstones that were disintegrating and vandalised over the past 60 years.  


‘Outposts of Empire’ film previews, go to Outpost of Empire Films button at the top of this screen.


Films on HD Memory Sticks: As from now all the films will be available in High Definition on USB Memory Stick (Flash Drives) as 1920 X 1080 MPEG HD files which will play in televisions or other devices with USB sockets giving a sharper clearer picture quality, they are a bit more expensive due to the cost of the 16 GB USB Sticks but the added quality is really worth it, just go to the DVD and USB SHOP above and follow the on-screen instructions..


‘Outposts of Empire’ films on DVD: Never fear, for those who still prefer DVDs they will remain available, just go to the DVD and USB SHOP page above and follow the on-screen instructions.



The Documentaries:


‘RAF HABBANIYA, IRAQ, JEWEL OF THE DESERT' is a 105-minute programme that reveals the story of the Kingdom of Iraq and the part the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force played in forming and maintaining peace in the new country from 1915 to the final bloody end of the Hashemite Monarchy in 1958.  Available on USB Stick (in HD) and DVD through the DVD and USB SHOP above and to view on Amazon Prime and You Tube.


Recent RAF Habbaniya reviews and articles:


The Aviation Historian Review: “The film uses extensive photographic and film archive material (along with first-hand accounts from some of those stationed there) to tell the full story of the strategically vital base, from the early days of aviation in the region, through the legendary siege during the Second World War, to its important role as a bulwark against Soviet aggression during the Cold War. It wasn’t only military activity either; BOAC flying-boats were regular visitors to the nearby lake. Extremely well-curated film with much to delight any aviation enthusiast with an interest in the RAF’s adventures in the Middle East”.


‘RAF MALTA, GEORGE CROSS ISLAND: has been re-mastered (HD version available on USB Only) and extended to a full 105-minutes with extra interviews and archive material; the documentary tells the story of the RAF on Malta from its humble beginnings at Royal Naval Air Station at Kalafrana during the First World War, to its final days at RAF Luqa, prior to the British withdrawal. Available on USB Stick (in HD) and DVD through the DVD and USB SHOP above and to view on Amazon Prime and You Tube.


‘MARCHING OUT, Kay and the RAF’: Leading Aircraft Woman, Kay Malone joined the RAF in 1967 and trained as a Teleprinter Operator, two years later she married a Corporal in the photographic section, reluctantly Kay gave up her career in the RAF and married Ray so she could join him on an accompanied posting to Singapore, resulting in a happy decade moving from one RAF Post to the next in a whirlwind of new experiences, friends and foreign lands both in the UK, Europe as well as in the further Outposts of the Empire.  Available on USB Stick (in HD) and DVD through the DVD and USB SHOP above.


Affiliated websites:


The Royal Air Force Museum https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/

RAF Stories: (featuring nterviews by Tod Nicol) https://www.rafstories.org/

RAF LUQA (Malta) REMEMBERED: raf-luqa.weebly.com

RAF Habbaniya Association: www.habbaniya.org

The Shackleton Association, the” Growler” www.thegrowler.org.uk  

Six Squadron Association, the “Tin-opener”: [email protected]                                                

Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Website: www.cwgc.org                                                                                               Last updated 15/09/2020  






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